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Neck 11in-17in

Chest 17in-24in



Neck 16in-24in

Chest 22in-31in



Neck 20in-28in

Chest 27in-37in


Extra Large

Neck 21in-31in

Chest 32in-43in


Our leather dog harnesses are made from high-quality leather material that is designed to secure and support a dog during walks, training, or other activities. The harness is adjustable and fits around the dog's chest and torso, distributing the pressure from the leash evenly, which prevents choking or pulling.They are durable and comfortable for dogs to wear.


 They are suitable for various dog breeds and sizes and are an excellent alternative to collars for dogs that pull or have neck injuries. Additionally, our leather dog harnesses are easy to clean and maintain, and with proper care, they can last for years.

Studded Harness


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