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96% Meat, Bones & Organs Infused With Probiotics. Boss Dog Brand BOSS PROBALLS are protein based treats to support overall health and with a taste your dog is sure to enjoy! These delicious freeze dried raw meatballs are packed with probiotics at over 1 Billion Probiotics per ounce! Free from corn, soy and wheat, you can rest assured that our Boss PROBALLS deliver digestive benefits and contain wholesome ingredients. These treats are meat first and protein rich to provide sufficient nutritional intake in a treat application!

Key Benefits

  • Over 1 Billion Probiotis per ounce: Probiotics are the good bacteria in the gut that aid in digestion, support the immune system and support better nutrient absorption!
  • Protein rich and nutrient rich: Meat being first on the ingredients list is a testament to the high quality protein content these treats deliver to your dog!
  • No Nonsense All Boss: No Corn, No Soy, No Wheat, No Gluten and No GMO's. These treats are pure BOSS with your pets health and well-being in mind!

Boss ProBalls Chicken Meatballs


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