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  • Delivers fast relief from hotspots, red mange, screw worm, ring worm, and more.
  • Helps kill pesky ear mites on contact.
  • Quickly provides relief from itching and promotes hair growth.
  • Can be used to fight rain rot, pasture fungus, gnat bites, proud flesh and dermatoses.
  • A convenient, all-purpose ointment.

Help heal your horse’s skin disorders and other skin-related problems with Nu-Stock Pierce’s All Purpose Horse Ointment! This topical solution helps promote rapid healing and fast hair growth, which makes it great to use on cuts, bruises, burns, swelling and areas on your horse that are experiencing hair loss. It can also help get rid of certain types of growths and can even be effective against pesky ear mites, gnat bites, rain rot, proud flesh, dermatoses and pasture fungus.

Nu-Stock Pierce's All Purpose Horse Ointment


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