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Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! for dogs & cats is a great source of healthy fiber to support your dog's or cat's healthy digestive system. Feed daily as a supplement to your pet's food --give as a treat, mix with wet food or as a topper to dry food. Great for both dogs and cats!

  • - Pumpkin, Coconut Oil, and Flaxseeds add a boost of Omegas and essential fatty acids to help support healthy skin and coat for dogs & cats
  • - PUMPKIN SUPERFOOD: Pumpkin is an amazing superfood containing natural soluble & insoluble fibers to support gut motility & stool quality (helps with upset tummies and diarrhea!)
  • - Weruva's pumpkin supplement is a great source of healthy fiber helping to support your cat's or dog's digestive system
  • - MIX, TREAT or TOP: Pureed for easy feeding and mixing in a convenient BPA-free pouch. Add a little to your dog or cat's meal or try freezing in a toy or make ice cubes for a delicious treat!
  • - Grain, Gluten, MSG, BPA and GMO free. Preservative free and made with no artificial flavors or colors
  • - Made in a human food facility
  • - Weruva is proud to be a family owned company

Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Pumpkin with Coconut Oil & Flaxseeds Food Supplement


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