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ZYMOX cat and dog ear cleanser is a simple and quick solution to dirty, smelly non-infected ears. It contains no chemicals or harsh detergents.

Instead, our cat and dog ear cleansing solution contains a mix of proteins, enzymes and gentle cleaning surfactants to manage dirt effectively, leaving the ears clean and smelling fresh.

ZYMOX ear cleanser contains only safe, gentle and non-toxic ingredients, it won’t irritate your pet’s ears or skin.

Simply fill the ear canal with our ear solution and massage it into the base of the ear canal. Then use some cotton balls or a clean cloth to gently remove any debris that comes to the surface.

We’ve also added our patented LP3 Enzymes which helps to control microbial growth within the ears.

If your pet has an ear infection, use our ZYMOX Otic ear cleaner (available with or without hydrocortisone) to provide relief. ZYMOX cat and dog ear wash is then also safe for use after treatment for an ear infection to help flush out the ears leaving them free from irritation and discomfort.

Zymox Ear Cleanser


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